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Quality Control

In NUTS 'N NUTS we strive for exceptional quality. The selection of nuts comes from family cultivation areas and collaboration with other producers with similar cultivations after meticulous selection. We take into account the conditions of cultivation and harvesting and the quality and appearance (size, color and exposure) of the fruits.

For quality assurance, selective samples of our products have been analyzed in a certified laboratory.

The packaging materials are suitable for food use and the processing company we collaborate with operates in compliance with the international standard ISO 22000 that includes the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system.

The processed and the raw dried nuts are handled with special care to maintain their quality and taste. Air is blown on them with pressure and sieves or hand sorting are used to remove any impurities. Then nuts are immediately packed in a protective atmosphere with nitrogen and stored in refrigerators with controlled temperature and humidity to maintain their physical condition until they are supplied to the consumer. We hold full details of each lot so we can identify each lot easily in the market.

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