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Press Release


About us

 NUTS 'N NUTS offers  premium quality Greek pistachio. Our company was founded only  a month ago after long preparation. Our goal is to promote Greek dried fruits and Greek gastronomy in Greece and abroad. We present two new products in the market. Pistachio raw and roasted and salted pistachio. We continue a family tradition, built on happy coincidences and good relationships. With a sense of respect for tradition and focus on quality we rethink original ideas to serve the demanding future by bringing added aesthetic and gastronomic value in our products.


 Our history

It all started with the alluring scent of freshly baked pistachios in the oven on festive days, the popping sound of breaking the pistachio shell and the vibrant colours of the kernels. We are two sisters. We both completed our academic studies  in London. Myrto is a King’s College graduate in MSc International Management and Semeli graduated with MA  Marketing and Communications in  University of Westminster. We always had a dream to create our own business and work together. The situation in Greece prompted us to exploit the family tradition around the pistachio cultivation and promote our premium products in an equally premium packaging.

The increase in awareness of the Greek gastronomy, and the increasing number of people now involved with traditional Greek products was a strong motivator to implement our idea.

Our philosophy

In NUTS 'N NUTS we strive for exceptional quality. We try to redefine the Greek nuts aesthetic and quality by creating a package that meets current requirements both in Greece and abroad.

The selection of our pistachios comes from family farming estates in Markopoulo Mesogaias and in cooperation with other producers with similar culture and  family character after meticulous selection. We take into account the conditions of cultivation and harvesting and the quality and appearance of the fruit.

For quality assurance, selective samples have been analyzed in a certified laboratory and packaging is completed in compliance with the international standard ISO 22000.

We appeal to shops with traditional products, delicatessen stores, liquor stores, grocery stores and generally stores of high quality and aesthetics.

Our goal is to place NUTS 'N NUTS products in selected stores in Greece and to have a strong presence abroad.


The final idea ....

The final idea.... to let us all taste the authentic fruits of Greece, the aroma of fresh pistachio, the scents of nature....

Enjoy !

Myrto & Semeli Pavlini


Our Estates
Points of Sale
M. & S. Pavlini O.E.

6 Vournova Str, Nea Smyrni
17121, Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 210 3254243